Funny #infographic on ways people foil their own #productivity via @marketo

As jobs become more scarce and employed workers feel increasing demands to be productive or face elimination, it becomes incredibly important to be super productive.

Here's another great infographic on productivity killers. I love how this shows you the perfect recipe to becoming a completely UN-productive worker. The irony is fabulous. Obviously, DON'T do all this stuff. Rather UNDO what you may be doing as noted below... Turning off notifications is my favorite. We're already checking email a gazillion times per day - turn that noise off and get some work done.

Source: Marketo

Hello World...

Yes, I am migrating from self-hosted WordPress over to Squarespace.
In a word, "Simple."

I no longer find it charming to code every nook and cranny of my blog platform. I am more interested in blogging instead of coding. I know -call me boring- but I'd rather focus on my blog, not maintaining it. Quite frankly, I've had it with all the hacking, theme issues, unsecure plug-ins and problematic upgrades. I've loved WordPress for years and will miss some cool stuff. I am ok with that. Now onto blogging!

I look forward to having a blog that just works. Join me on my new journey and help me explore blogging in 2012 on this new platform. SquareSpace is my new friend.
So grab a cup of coffee or tea, relax and stay awhile with me. :)