@CIO "Facebook's Upcoming Privacy Changes: What You Need to Know" Business Technology Leadership #fb

Pertinent Excerpts from CIO Magazine regarding upcoming privacy changes to Facebook:

"CIO — In the next few weeks, Facebook will be rolling out significant privacy changes to the site that will make it easier to share information with people outside your immediate network — making the site more public in nature, like Twitter. In addition, Facebook's new changes will allow you to decide who you share information with on a post-by-post basis, alleviating the need to tamper with the site's privacy controls as frequently. Here's what to expect from the new settings (in detail), and how they differ from the current system."


"According to Jeremiah Owyang, Generation Y, a big part of Facebook's user base, 'appear more open about what they want to share, at least for now.'" Wth this new round of privacy tweaks, Facebook will undoubtedly receive backlash from both users and privacy advocates (as it does with every change it makes to the service.) The question, of course, is how widespread the criticism will be. In the past, the fuss about new features or changes to Facebook has captured the attention of social networking insiders and the media who follow them, rather than a critical mass of the public. But it's how the average user feels about Facebook going the "everything" route that will determine the company's future viability.

C.G. Lynch covers Facebook, Google and Twitter for CIO.com. You can follow him on Twitter: @cglynch."

Source: http://cio.com