Dell conducts #DellCAP "Dell Consumer Advisory Panel" and gets a ton of valuable feedback!

Dell, Inc., in an effort to pro-actively listen and solicit valued feedback, hosted their inaugural DellCAP event at company headquarters this past week. What is DellCAP? What is DellCAP you ask? "DellCAP" stands for Dell's "Consumer Advisory Panel."  Dell, over the course of two days, sat down with two separate groups to engage in rich dialog about how the company is doing and soliciting consumer input on remedies to hot button issues.

The two groups  were comprised of consumers from opposite ends of the experience spectrum, i.e. folks that have had a bad experience with Dell (sometimes referred to in the industry as a "brand detractors") and also folks that have been happy consumers, bloggers, social media enthusiasts, i.e. "brand evangelists" with good experiences working with Dell.  So, as you can see these groups are indeed polar opposites!  Dell conducted multiple sessions with the two groups this week.  The two distinct groups met separately; bad news first, then then the good.

Dell welcomed us to their world-wide headquarters located in Round Rock, TX, with gracious southern hospitality, to provide an open forum of discussion to understand our perspectives and to solicit our feedback and suggestions.  Dell is clearly looking to listen, engage and learn from this event and take what they've learned and develop actionable plans with recommended "corrective actions" to remedy the surfaced issues.

Mack Collier, the DellCAP Moderator, wrote a blog post two weeks prior to the DellCAP event and provided great details and insights about it  (read his blog post here).  @MackCollier did a fabulous job moderating our session.

As could be expected, Dell executives and employees received an ear full of richly detailed feedback delivered with a passionate fervor.  The feedback received was both positive and negative.  Conversations and creative ideas flowed from the passionate and lively discussions.   I can certainly say that Dell really came prepared to listen and engage both groups in order to understand and learn from the Panelists' varied perspectives. Dell demonstrated their commitment to consumers and really convinced me that they are truly serious about change.

Distinct stove-pipe issues certainly popped up on both days... yet there were some key similarities, repeated patterns and issues that surfaced on both days. (Note: While I was only present for Day 2 I did review feedback obtained from Day 1 and observed similarities in feedback messaging).

Throughout the day, Panelists shared their stories (good and bad), along with their perspectives on needed solutions to remedy such issues; thus, if successful executed, could really place Dell at the top of the tech industry in terms on not only superior products, which they  are already well known for, but also return them to their former glory as the world-wide leader in client support.

Panelists enjoyed various sessions consisting of facility tours, panel discussions, executive briefings, upcoming product demonstrations (under NDA), and briefings on key initiatives such as their global IT Asset Recovery program (think Recycling and Re-Use) , which are arguably the best in the world for the tech industry - very impressive to say the least.  I wish I could share all the details on the great product demos, but we all signed NDAs... just know that there is some really great stuff coming soon from Dell. When those products are released, I will let you all know and share my insights on those innovative products.

Hopefully, Dell will do this again next year!  Companies large and small really do benefit from outside viewpoints and creativity beyond their own four walls.

So what is your take?  Do you have ideas that can improve Dell in your eyes?  What do you think is working? or not working right? What are the most important changes Dell should make?  What should Dell keep doing that you like?  I want your feedback too!  I'll take your comments and capture them in a follow-up post and share with Dell.  So, don't be shy... (and keep it classy ok!)

See what others are saying online, check out the twitter search feed for #DellCAP.

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Here are my photographs taking during the #DellCAP events ... go take a peek!


Disclosure: Dell paid for event costs, food, transportation, etc.  Since, I live here in Austin, TX area no hotel costs were incurred for my attendance.  Each panelist on Day 2 received a high-quality embossed, leather-bound journal and executive pen, both bearing Dell's logo (very classy, love it!!).  I was not compensated in any other way.