What Every Entrepreneur Needs to Know /by @PMVoices

What Every Entrepreneur Needs to Know My CEO always told me that to be a good project manager, you must be an entrepreneur.

I took that seriously and started my own part-time business.

And I discovered that to be a good entrepreneur requires a lot of project management experience.

For instance, project management skills help me efficiently manage and track my resources. I don't spend more than one or two hours a day on my business, but I have clear visibility about the inventory, orders and payments. the salespeople input their data in a custom-made Excel tool and I get a daily summary report.

I also rely on my project management skills for handling vendors and suppliers. They do not over-commit, but rather rely on a well-defined scope of work and regular follow-ups for tracking. As a result, the vendors feel more pressure because if there's a delay, they know I will notice and get in touch with their superiors.

Even a small business requires project management skills and if the entrepreneur is a Project Management Professional (PMP)® he or she will rock the market.

Have you started your own business? Please share your experience.

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