Sources: Google OS lives (and it's coming to a netbook near you) - Ars Technica


Two separate sources—one inside the company and one outside it—have confirmed to Ars tonight that Google plans to launch an operating system built in some fashion around its new web browser, Chrome. One source says that the new OS will be launched soon, perhaps as early as tomorrow.

Tentatively called "Google Chrome OS," the project appears targeted at netbooks, the tiny portable computers typically used only for such light tasks as web browsing and e-mail. Chrome, of course, isn't an operating system, but a quick-booting OS built around a single application like Chrome would be a natural fit for a netbook.

With such an OS, Google could obviously make it extra easy for users to access the full range of Google cloud applications through the browser—Google Docs, Gmail, Google Maps, etc. Beyond the bare outlines, we have little solid information at this point, though the idea of a Google OS isn't some novelty; in fact, it's been aired publicly for years.
Speculation that Chrome itself could be used as a standalone operating system has been floating around ever since Chrome's launch, but those ideas are based on some fundamental misconceptions about how multiprocess browsing works. The fact that Chrome uses multiple processes does not make it an operating system itself. Ars has contacted Google for official comment on Google Chrome OS, but has yet to receive a response.
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