There's still time to donate to #RocTwestival and make a difference with your fellow #ROC peeps!

Join the Rochester,  NY community and pitch in!  We're all donating to a great cause today - Concern Worldwide, which will take 100% of all Twestival donations and give directly to @Concern's global education efforts.   Help children in poor countries receive a proper education, build new schools, provide them with needed supplies and a future!  Those kids need our support NOW! Give what you can to this great cause and remember Concern Worldwide is tax deductable charity (donate via the PayPal widget below).

RocTwestival Thanks all of our Sponsors and Donors!  Are you on the list? We hope so!

Please come and contribute to the "RocTwestival" event tonight (starts at 6pm) at LovinCup coffee shop near RIT (Park Point Plaza /near  Barnes & Noble).  Learn more about today!

  • If you have an iPhone, go get the free Twestival iPhone application to follow the event tonight! Here's a picture of the Rochester details on the app:

    Looking forward to seeing YOU there!  If we haven't met before, please find me and say "Hello!" and Thanks again for your kind support of #RocTwestival. :)