Twitter Released Multiple Feature Improvements Today - Following and Followers Page Updates

LOOK and see the cool, new features over at twitter!

Take a look at the "Followers" and 'Follows" pages of twitter user profiles... see the changes?!

Here's a marked-up screen shot which clearly shows the changes...

Now you can perform these actions:

  • Turn on SMS
  • unfollow
  • mention
  • block
  • direct message
  • and "more"

[caption id="" align="alignleft" width="450" caption="twitter new improvements (click to enlarge)"]twitter new improvements[/caption]




What do you think of these improvements? Like them or not? How would you have designed these features? What's your take? :)

Take a look at the official Twitter Blog announcement regarding their new feature improvements:

Twitter Blog: Following and Followers Page Improvements.

Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Following and Followers Page Improvements

When you click on the Following and Followers links from your Twitter home page, you'll notice that we've upgraded the design of these pages and added features. Instead of a basic list, there are now actions you can perform that provide a better overall experience. For example, you can turn on SMS, unfollow, mention, block, direct message, and more. Tip: You can also view the accounts that someone else is following and follow them yourself.

posted by @Biz at 4:16 PM

UPDATE: (@AdamOstrow)  also just blogged about this topic here.