The evolution of SEO [infographic]

Here's the evolution of SEO - Search Engine Optimization - a nice visual of the SEO historical timeline. I remember lots of these early search websites and web directories. I even remember SEO developments like metatags, keywords and link-back strategies. What do you remember? Any SEO tips you care to share?

The Evolution of Making Page 1 [INFOGRAPHIC]

#RIT48 Web Business Startup Competition - Final Pitches & Judging @RIT48 [Ustream VIDEO] #RIT University #ROC

The first ever RIT48 competition kicked off this weekend at RIT University where students from various majors came together and were challenged to do the following:  form a team, plan, design, develop and launch a new web startup in less than 48 hours!  There were 10 teams competing for cash prizes, awards and recognition for their efforts. I was honored to be selected as a Judge and Mentor throughout the weekend of March 19-20, 2010 for the first ever RIT48 event.  The teams all did a fantastic job of preparing Business Plans and Demoing their websites.  This was quite a treat for  me as I love to mentor and provide assistance to young startups.

"RIT48 aims to bring together RIT students from various disciplines to pitch, plan, develop and launch a startup in one weekend — or, as the name suggests, 48 hours."   - RIT48

I will be uploading more event pictures later, but in the meanwhile I thought I'd provide a link to the Ustream live feed Video that was taped during our final judging of the RIT48 competition.

See next page for video...

At the Judges' table (seated left to right):  Aaron Newman, Liz Lawley, Susan Beebe, Lee Drake and Jon Schull.

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The Average Facebook User Views 662 Facebook Pages Per Month [chart] /via @alleyinsider

The average Facebook visitor views 661.8 pages on the social network each month, reports Website monitoring service Royal Pingdom (citing Google AdCounter). Facebook blows away the competition when it comes to this single engagement statistic.

Visitors to Facebook's nearest rival, Hi5, only view an average of 351.2 pages per month. MySpace comes in at 261.8 monthly page views per visitor.

Point is: Not only does Facebook have a huge user-base -- about 350 million people check the site at least once a month -- it has a very engaged user-base. No wonder Facebook ads are finally gaining traction.

fb chart page views daily

40 must-have Google Chrome Browser Power Extensions

Earlier today, I was inspired by Tris Hussey to provide a comprehensive list of Google Chrome "power extensions."  So, here is my exhaustive list of forty "must have" Extensions for the Google Chrome browser.  But first, to get started you'll need to download the Dev version of Chrome (it works great on my new Windows 7 PC laptop).  Mac users can get the mac Dev version here.   Google Chrome is by far the best performing browser ever released to the web.  It will liberate you from the frustration so common with other browsers.

There are hundreds of Google's extensions, so if you're looking for something not on my list, then go here and search for it!  Please do let me know if have any feedback to share.  Feel free to recommend different extensions, or perhaps you know of a better version, than I have listed here:

AdBlock Aviary Screen Capture Better Gmail

Facebook for Google Chrome


FriendFeed OpenID AutoFill

Docs PDF/PowerPoint Viewer (by Google) FlashBlock Fittr Flickr Google Apps Shortcuts

Google Tasks

Google Voice Notifier (by Google)

Ok, phew you installed all these great extensions!  Ok, now go tweak the "Options" for each extension here --> chrome://extensions/ You can also disable or uninstall extensions.  (I had to disable the "Cool Iris" one as it was crashing too much).

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Twitter :: Guidelines for Use of the Twitter Trademark - #Branding #Style #Guide #SocialMedia #Blog #Resources

Guidelines for Use of the Twitter Trademark

Thank you for your support and interest in Twitter and the Twitter marks. We strongly believe in the value of an open platform and encouraging the healthy growth of our special ecosystem. As part of that, it's important for users to be able to trust Twitter and not be confused about our relationship with the many people and organizations who use our marks. This document is designed to help you use our marks without having to worry about negotiating an agreement with us or talking to our lawyers. If you’d like to make any use of our marks that is not covered by this document, you must contact us at

Promoting your own Account


  • Say "Follow us on Twitter" with the word 'Twitter' as a link to your Twitter account.
  • Use the current Twitter logocurrent Twitter T or the Twitter buttons as a link to your account:
  • Say "Follow us on Twitter @username," with an optional link from '@username' to your Twitter account (for online, in print, on billboards, on the side of vans, etc.). Please replace 'username' with your actual Twitter username.

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Twitter Blog - Twitter releases French language version just in time for LeWeb conference!

Nouvelle saveur : Twitter en Français!

Avec l'ajout de la version espagnole du site le mois dernier, de nombreuses personnes ont rejoint les conversations sur Twitter. De plus en plus de personnes twittent en dehors des États-Unis et nous sommes à présent en mesure d'accueillir les utilisateurs de près de 30 pays francophones. Il est maintenant possible de changer les paramètres de langue en français grâce à la participation des traducteurs qui ont contribué à transformer Twitter en une plate-forme de communication véritablement mondiale.

Les twitteurs français peuvent d'ors et déjà suivre des personnes et des sociétés qui leur sont familières. Que vous fréquentiez @lepicerie ou @lopera pour vos sorties gastronomiques, que vous lisiez @LeMondeFR en allant au travail ou que vous écoutiez @theteenagers sur le chemin du retour ou encore que vous soyez fan des @CanadiensMTL, il y a une multitude d'informations utiles à découvrir à tout moment.

Pour voir Twitter en français, il suffit de consulter vos paramètres et sélectionner "français" dans le menu déroulant.

Une dernière chose : une partie de l'équipe Twitter sera à Paris les 9 et 10 decembré pour la conférence Le Web, présentée par @loic. Les spécialistes de notre plate-forme, Ryan Sarver (@rsarver) et Marcel Molina (@noradio) y présenteront, entre autres choses, une session développeurs. Si vous êtes dans la région ces jours-là, n'hésitez pas à nous rejoindre!

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