Facebook Platform Roadmap Update: Feed API Changes, What’s Coming Next

The past week has been a relatively quiet one in terms of new Facebook Platform product changes, as Facebook seems to be slipping a little bit from the original dates Ethan Beard announced at the developer garage in October. Nevertheless, developers are still deep in the process of redesigning their apps since the latest rules on pre-game gifting interstitials and News Feed popups went into effect – though some apps still contain policy violating material.

One change did go live yesterday: Facebook deprecated several feed APIs. This was a breaking change, so if you didn’t update your apps, you’re going to need to do so now if you want to have any News Feed presence.

Developers are still bracing for the most consequential Platform changes in this series of updates – the rewiring of Facebook’s “viral” communication channels, including invitations, email, and notifications. The notification channel is being removed, while invitations are being relocated to an Inbox subtab. Facebook says notifications won’t be removed until 30 days after the new email API is launched, which hasn’t happened yet.

In terms of which of the 19 Platform changes that were announced in October are likely to launch next, the new Facebook home page application navigation (bookmarks), application counters, and dashboards (the new Dashboard News API is now in beta testing) are still slated to launch in “early January.” We’ll let you know as soon as we hear more.