Google Chrome OS goes Open Source today /via Susan Beebe's Blog

Here’s the demo of the Google Chrome OS that was shown today during Google’s webcast- Open Source project announcement

My tweets from today’s webcast re Google Chrome OS:

- live meeting / briefing – as of today code will be fully OPEN SOURCE

- launched 14 months ago – Goal modern browser to handle RIA (Rich Internet Applications)

- over 40 million users (currently)

- Browser core focus: Speed, Simplicity and Security.

- over 20 updates (seemless transparent process). Pushing HTML 5

- 3 more items 2009: Chrome for Mac and Linux will be ready;  Extensions – making easier to write

- The source code for @ Google’s Chromium OS is live: “full release not expected for year” ~  @dannysullivan

- HMTL 5: Games, graphics, video, theads, notifications, real time communications and local storage

- 100s of millions of users are living in the browser / cloud. Trend is clear, everything in future will be in web tier.

- watching cold reboot – only 7 seconds! 3 seconds to log into apps

- will have “Application Tabs” – permanent sticky tabs – always ON mode

- will introduce “Panels” – application feature set – very nice

- “All View Mode” – simple UI – see all open tabs in 1 view

- does not have a proprietary app framework – any web will work in Chrome OS. MS launched “killer” Chrome app :) LOL

- pimping Droid camera – plugging into Chrome OS machine – detects camera, etc. Hello @ arrington :)

- Matt Papkipos, Engineering Director – Runs Chrome OS Engineering team. Code open + design documents

- Boot sequence: Firmware / BIOS (Solid State storage) > Standard Kernel > Services > Start Apps > Browser (simplified boot!)

- RT @ jeroendemiranda: @ susanbeebe great comment stream of yours, thanks! << Thanks!! :) Great stuff Google Chrome OS Team is demo’ing today!

- cryptographic signature keys to ensure chrome loads up securely / device recognition

- cryptographic signature keys guard against Malware on boot – reimages / self-healing OS

- saves cached data – no data loss on failure – wow….nice!

- Security model for the “internet age” – The OS does NOT trust any app; all apps are web apps – better security profile

- “Security Sandboxing” – new technique to secure web apps (Chroot, Namespaces, toolchain, stack protection) FileSys locked

- File System – locked; ReadOnly root partition; user data encryption; user data synced to the cloud – fabulous design

- Data Safety is a core value of Google – THANK YOU … I hate bad guys too

- RT @ atul: Official Google Blog: Releasing the Chromium OS open source project tip  @techmeme

- User data is cached – only as an accelerator function, not stored locally – in cloud; if device stolen, data secure!

- supports only solid state hard drives HDD; limited wifi components; key aspects of OS device design

- you will have to BUY an OS device – at Christmas 2010

- RT @ sarahintampa: Whaaaa? You cannot download and install Chrome on any machine. You will have to buy a new netbook. << Same reaction I had

- calling all Devs – grab a netbook and your screwdriver and you can get a Chrome OS instance running LOL

- YouTube demo video – is this produced by @ CommonCraft? really good

- Application Store? Working hard at helping people ‘discover’ apps.

- Device Goal = “to be a delightful experience for you on the web” [think Netbook, not full blown laptop]

- Yes, everything that works on Chrome will work in the OS, includes codex. Hardware acceleration – working on this

- Demo video from today’s webcast | Susan Beebe’s Blog

- RT @ Scobleizer @ gruber the questions at the Chrome OS are lame. Agreed

- RT @ mattcutts: I’m still live-blogging the #ChromeOS open-source launch on my blog: << COOL

Also, Google Chrome OS will be fully dependent on an internet connection.  So your Chrome OS device (think netbook) will be a useless brick without internet access!   No Wi-Fi = no fun!

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