How Google’s Algorithm Indexes Real-Time Tweets #thegoog #Search #Twitter #SocialMedia

[...] real-time search, eagerly awaited since Page opined some months ago that Google should be scanning the entire Web every second. When someone queries a subject of current interest, among the 10 blue links Google now puts a “latest results” box: a scrolling set of just-produced posts from news sources, blogs, or tweets. Once again, Google uses signals to ensure that only the most relevant tweets find their way into the real-time stream.
 “We look at what’s retweeted, how many people follow the person, and whether the tweet is organic or a bot,” Singhal says. “We know how to do this, because we’ve been doing it for a decade.”
Excerpt via Wired Mag's phenomenal piece: "How Google's Algorithm Rules the Web."

Also, check out this neat graph of Google's key algo advances: