iPhone OS 4 is Compatible with iPad Keyboard Dock | Gearlog #3GS

iPhone in iPad Keyboard Dock 2.JPG

Steve Jobs was holding out on us. During his iPhone OS 4 announcement on Thursday, Jobs mentioned that OS 4 would work with Bluetooth keyboards, but he didn't mention one very cool related feature: Your iPhone will be able to work with the iPad Keyboard Dock. We were able to get our hands on iPhone OS 4, which is currently available only to developers, and we popped our tester iPhone 3GS into the dock. It worked smoothly and made document and e-mail typing a heck of a lot faster. iPhones running OS 3.1.2 or earlier did not work with the keyboard dock in our tests.

On the surface, this may seem like a small feature. But with the iPhone becoming more of a PC in your pocket with every new version, a physical keyboard dock could help increase your productivity and make the iPhone a more attractive device for those who don't like touch keyboards. And it brings us one step closer to replacing our personal PCs with smartphones.