#RocTwestival: The ‘Must Have’ iPhone App For Twestival Week - #Twestival

Yes, we have one too – an all singing, all dancing iPhone application - developed pro-bono by those lovely people at Future Workshops & The Noble Union.  It’s available for free from the iTunes store – just search for ‘Twestival’.  It’s been designed to help bring the essence of Twestival to life – Tweet, Meet & Give.  Once you’ve downloaded it – log in with your Twitter ID, select your cite & you’re well away.  It’s the ultimate guide to Twestival for anyone with an iPhone. 

Get App here ---> http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/twestival/id361454720?mt=8

Tweet - allows you to track global and local Twitter streams, either via the #twestival hashtag, or via the local city hashtag or Twitter handle. You can select tweets, visit links inside the app, and follow other Twitter users. Twitter streams can be refreshed using Tweetie 2's fantastic "pull down to refresh" mechanism.

Meet - shows a list of Twitter attendees for the current city. You can scout attendees before the event and view their profiles and websites. During the event itself the App uses the "Bump" API to allow you to mutually follow anybody else also running the App. 

Give - lets you view your city's current fund raising performance versus goal, broken down between donations and ticket sales. It also allows you to browse Twestival/Concern facts.

Give it a go and let us know what you think.  You’ve got a few days to make a difference